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Greece is a popular destination for international tourists. These visitors spend money in the country’s hotels, rental properties, and restaurants. The amount of money spent by tourists in Greece represents a significant source of revenue for the country.

Advantages of Tourism in Greece

Based on data from the United Nations, Greece is the 14th most popular country in the world  for international tourists. 

The following are some of the main advantages of visiting Greece compared to other popular international tourist destinations:

Greater stability
Greece is a more stable country than most of the others in the EU. Its finances are also more transparent, as the government is more willing to disclose financial information.

Climate & Weather
Greece has a pleasant climate all year round. The temperature rarely rises above 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit),  and it rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Greece’s climate is ideal for visitors from colder countries, as it is significantly warmer than mainland China or the US, for example.

Greater food variety
The EU’s largest member state has a wide range of restaurants and eateries. Many are located in Athens, the country’s capital. The foods offered in these restaurants are also more varied than in most other cities in the EU.

Greater nightlife
Most international tourists want to spend at least a little time in the company of others having fun. In Greece, where traditional society has not seen fit to lock its doors, there is no problem finding yourself in a party mood despite the hours.

Greater value for money
A variety of factors combine to make Greece a great value for money as  a popular destination for international tourists. These include the country’s stable finances, its proximity to the sea, and the hospitality and friendliness of the people.
Friendly people
The people of Greece are friendly and welcoming, and the nation has a strong sense of community. This is why it is such a great place to  vacation  and why visitors can easily become residents.

Great Destination Benefits

Benefits of visiting Greece for tourists include outstanding natural attractions, interesting history, and a vibrant nightlife scene. In addition, there are many attractive small-scale resorts in the country. All of these contribute to making Greece one of the top European travel destinations.

Greece has extensive coastline, with forests, mountains, and rivers. The nation’s most populous areas are found on the Islands of Crete and Rhodes, though the capital, Athens, is located in the middle of the Gulf of Corinth. The conflict-torn nation has since emerged from the financial and social turmoil of the dictatorship period (1944–1973), and now attracts international visitors.

As a result, there are several tourism initiatives in place to encourage investment and tourism in the country. The most successful of these is the enticing offer of a 10% tax holiday for investors realising profits from within the EU and the US. The policy has been in place since 2014 and has been a huge success, with plenty of investment flowing into the country.

Other major initiatives include:

– freeing up of control over the capital markets, ending the requirement for approval for certain business activities.
– increasing the flexibility of travel for both residents and visitors.
– increasing the range of tourism offerings.

In addition, the nation has a number of free trade areas and zones where independent traders and manufacturers can take advantage of preferential treatment.

These include:
– The Islands of Crete and Rhodes
– The Attiki area surrounding Athens
– The Peloponnese area
– The South Aegean area
– Greece also has a vibrant art scene.

For all these reasons, Greece is an ideal country for investors looking for a variety of tourism investment opportunities.

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It goes without saying that Greece is one of the top global tourist destinations for summer holidays and also provides attractive propositions for year-round themed holidays. With lots of competitive advantages of Greece, like rich cultural heritage,  geographical variety and natural beauty, have been attracting significant tourism investments in last years. The image of Greece as an ideal destination both for holidays and tourism-related investments has been empowered!

The tourist industry in Greece has been one of the mainstays of economic growth and employment even during the recent crisis, with a continued growth in tourist arrivals and revenues driven mainly by:
• the determined efforts of the Greek tourist authorities and associations to upgrade the tourist product offering
• the development of new key markets such as Israel, Russia Turkey and China.

The tourist industry is currently undergoing a major strategic improvement initiative, focusing on the expansion of the tourist period, the attraction of higher-value tourist segments (High-net-worth, affluent), the increase of average daily spending and the opening of new tourist markets.

Greece is poised to make significant investments in the tourist industry, focused on transforming the traditional “sun & beach” tourist product into a number of higher-value, more focused products, centered around Nautical tourism, Thematic sun & beach tourism, Cultural and religious tourism, City Break tourism, Medical tourism, meetings and Incentives (MICE), and Integrated resorts – holiday housing.


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