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Strategic Investments and Fast – Track Procedure
The new effective Legal Framework

On the 25th of April, 2019, Law no 4608/ 2019 entitled “ Hellenic Development Bank and attracting Strategic Investments and other provisions” was published in the Official Gazette following the submission by the Ministry of Development and Investments to Parliament of the applicable bill. The new legal frame on strategic investments, as efficiently amended by the provisions of Law 4635/ 2019 entitled “ Invest in Greece and other Provisions” (Official Government Gazette A’167/30.10.2019), foresees a series of impulses aimed at promoting strategic investment actions in Greece, exemptions from tax, wage cost subsidies and fast- track licensing procedures. The abovementioned legislation aims to produce a stable beneficial environment for investors and to establish licensing procedures introducing new movements to expedite process and to count nonsupervisory bureaucratic procedures.
The Greek framework of Strategic Investments and Fast Track licensing facilitates the implementation of investments in Greece, which combine a high investment plan budget and the creation of a significant number of jobs.
The framework, which is expected to create thousands of jobs and opportunities, will focus on key strategic investments of national importance in the areas of:
  1. energy
  2. transport
  3. communications
  4. health services
  5. tourism
  6. agriculture
  7. education
  8. and of course digital and high-end tech and innovation

As Strategic Investment is defined an investment, specifically in monetary sectors regarding worldwide change of merchandise or services, which, because of its strategic significance for the national or local economy, may also generate massive quantitative or qualitative outcomes concerning employment, production, according with the cultural and physical environment, containing or producing extroversion, innovation, competitiveness, frequent making plans and excessive introduced price as its foremost characteristics.

Strategic investments are classified by reference either to the investment quantity or actual work generation, furthermore as their contribution in sustainable growth. additional precisely, the legal framework provides the subsequent classification:

  1. Strategic Investments class 1, that include: investments whose total budget exceeds one hundred (100) million Euros, investments that make a minimum of seventy five (75) new jobs and whose total budget exceeds forty (40) million Euros,
  2. Strategic Investments class 2, which include: investments that create at least fifty (50) new jobs and whose total budget exceeds thirty (30) million euros, investments in such producing sectors that create at least fifty (50) new jobs and whose total budget exceeds twenty five (25) million euros.
  3. Emblematic Investments, that include: investments distributed by distinguished internationally recognized legal entities graded 1st within their international or European level, together with primarily those promoting the inexperienced economy and therefore the low-energy and environmentally friendly economy and investments in the producing method and tourist sector that make a minimum of two hundred (200) new jobs and whose total budget exceeds two hundred (200) million euros.
  4. Fast-track Strategic Investments, which are investments that create at least thirty (30) new jobs and whose total budget exceeds twenty (20) million euros and
  5. Auto -Incorporated Strategic Investments, that embrace Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), already approved by the Interministerial PPP Commission, and investments known as European Energy comes of Common Interest (PCI).

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