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Vertical medical cannabis facilities in Greece

Medical Cannabis

Vertical cannabis cultivation, is a type of cultivation in which crops are planted in vertically stacked layers in a controlled environment. The crops are planted in a hydroponic system and are fertilized with a liquid nutrient solution.

Vertical cannabis cultivation is a great choice for businesses that want to get into the medical cannabis industry. Reasons are:

1. Vertical cannabis cultivation is more efficient and easier to automate than traditional farming methods.

2. Vertical cannabis cultivation takes up less space than traditional farming methods.

If you are looking to get into the medical cannabis industry, vertical cannabis cultivation is a great way to go and AC Business Path is  your ideal Business Consultants in Medical Cannabis Industry.

All Services


Business Strategy

Analysis and provision of market research data, products, trends of Medical Cannabis business.


Land Discovering

Investigation and proposal of land for the medical cannabis facility following all the legal and operational requirements.


Company Setup

Follow all the necessary procedures to form a new company if needed as well as support you all the way.



Arrange for obtaining the permission to establish and carry out services as well as market properly.


Infrastructure Setup & Recruiting

Study, discover, propose and select with AC Business Path your construction company and plantation.


Quality Control

Make sure that everything runs as expected under monitoring and checking procedures.


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