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The Greek government has announced a new investment program that offers subsidies to businesses that invest in new technology, training, and infrastructure. The objective of the New Investment Law is to promote economic development in the country, strengthen investments which improve entrepreneurship, technological development, business competitiveness and regional cohesion that promote the green economy, the circular economy and sustainable production.

In Greece, there are many subsidized programs that citizens can take advantage of. The two most popular subsidized programs are the NSRF or “ΕΣΠΑ” programs. 

The “NSRF” program offers subsidies for businesses, municipalities, and citizens. The program offers many opportunities for businesses, such as money for  research and development, tax breaks, and low-interest loans. For municipalities, the program offers money for infrastructure projects, such as hospitals and schools. Finally, citizens can take advantage of the program by receiving money for higher education, home repairs, and more.

The “ΕΣΠΑ” program is a newer program  that offers subsidies for citizens to purchase property. The program offers many opportunities for citizens, such as money for down payments, lower interest rates, and more. In addition, the “ΕΣΠΑ” program also offers subsidies for businesses. The program offers money for research and development, tax breaks, and low-interest loans. 

Both of these subsidized programs are a great way for citizens to take advantage of the opportunities that Greece has to offer. 

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Horizon 2020

Financial framework of the EU Research and Innovation, covering the period 2014-2020, with a budget of about 80 billion Euro.


Investment Law

One of the most important funding tools for the realization of investment plans in Hotel Establishment / expansion / modernization plans, Supply Chain, Agricultural and others.



Providing numerous incentives for investments on several sectors of the economy within the Eurozone. Greece entertains a substantial number of investment opportunities.



Aiming to produce a stable beneficial environment for investors and to establish licensing procedures introducing new movements to expedite process and to reduce bureaucratic procedures.


Greek Investment to Audio Visual

Deduction is available for both Greek and foreign investors, whether individuals or companies. The incentive is applicable to films, TV series, documentaries and animated films as well as digital games.


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