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Invest In Greece

Looking to invest in Greece? Our advisory services related to investing in Greece can help you make the most informed decision possible.

We offer pre-establishment services to help you get up and running, as well as post-establishment/operational services to keep your business running smoothly. our exports to/from Eurasia are an excellent way to  expand your business. 

Pre – Establishment Services

We fully support the investor with the purpose of resolving complex issues arising during the pre – establishment procedure such as: Identification of potential acquisition targets on behalf of the client, Appraisal of the target company, Determination of the company’s fair value, Drafting of transaction documents such as shareholders’ agreements, Due diligence reports, Provision of on – site support for the negotiation phase, etc.

Post – Establishment/Operational Services

In the last few years, Greece has seen a large amount of growth in its post-establishment/operational services industry. This can largely be attributed to the country’s strategic location and its skilled workforce. 

(Top Line Growth, Operational Cost, HR, Training)

We support you in the marketing & sales, logistics & supply, human resources and training fields.

Exports to/from Eurasia

We support exporting companies wishing to enter or improve their presence in Eurasia & Europe, operating as their exports arm. We undertake a set of actions, on behalf of our customer, for new market penetration and we implement an action plan using our network of collaborators in the area, 
We have a rich experience of working in Eurasia and Europe, with an extensive network of collaborators in the area. We can provide you with the local knowledge and expertise you need to enter or improve your presence in these markets. 
We can help you with:
– market research
– finding distributors or agents
– helping with translations
– obtaining permits or certificates
– setting up local bank accounts
– arranging logistics 
So if you’re looking to export to Eurasia or Europe, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help. 

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