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Food & Agriculture

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The food and agricultural sector is one of the most active and attractive sectors of the Greek economy, offering opportunities for investments. The sector is characterized by a strong domestic demand and exports potential. The country has a long tradition in agriculture and food production, with a wide range of products and a high level of specialization.

Investments in Greek Food & Agricultural Sector

Greek food and agriculture have traditionally been one of the major export sectors for Greece, with a strong presence in the European and a growing presence in the US food markets. From olive oil to flour products, honey to processed meats and ready meals, Greek companies have leveraged the competitive advantages offered by Greek primary production in order to competitively enter and remain in global markets, making food and agriculture one of the most dynamic and high-growth sectors in Greek manufacturing.

It is also an area where Greek companies have managed to innovate and differentiate themselves, both in terms of the product but also in terms of packaging. Over the past 10 years, there are several examples of companies in the food sector who have achieved significant market shares abroad by leveraging the combination of traditional Greek ingredients and innovative marketing and packaging.

Specialty Foods

The Greek food and agriculture sector offers a wide range of opportunities for investors. Greek specialty foods, such as Chios Masticha, Kalamata olives, Kozani Saffron, and Aegina pistachios, are in high demand for their quality and authenticity. Greek food producers are looking for technology, equipment, and know  how to improve their production processes and product quality. They are also interested in expanding their distribution networks and entering new markets.
Investment opportunities exist in several key areas:
• Consolidation and upgrading of their supply chain to ensure supply chain efficiency
• Development of innovative end products around these high-value crops, and
• Marketing and sales capabilities in order to penetrate developed markets
The combination of local production and know-how with such investments can generate high returns for the investor interested in pursuing strategic investments within this specialty sector.


Aquaculture is a rapidly growing sector of the Greek economy – and one where Greece can leverage its competitive advantages and already is a major international exporter.

Approximately 90% of the sector’s value is driven by two main fish products, seabass/seabream, in which Greece holds a dominant position in the global markets. Greek aquaculture production is known for its product quality, and has enormous further growth potential if it invests in more capacity, economies of scale and cost-improvement initiatives.

Fish farming holds a leading position in Greece’s Food industry and it is a top industry sector in the EU characterized by strong market consolidation. Investing in the consolidation and expansion of aquaculture facilities and the improvement of competitiveness, operating efficiency and market access can yield significant returns for this sector based on its growth potential and existing market positioning.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, one of Greece’s signature products, from ancient times until today, and a steady staple of the Mediterranean diet, strongly rooted in the very history of Greece.

Greek olive oil is recognized as very high-quality, driven by the natural environment and production values of Greek oil producers. There are literally hundreds of local varieties and tastes, including a number of organic producers which are positioning in the global high-value market with specialty and luxury oils.

Greek companies have established significant brand recognition and international distribution networks, whilst investments in market consolidation, processing, R&D, product differentiation, improved packaging, and more concentrated production output can further expand an already blossoming industry and yield significant returns.


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