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The word startup has become synonymous with high-growth entrepreneurship. As a result, cities that have tried to focus on meeting the needs of startups by providing them with resources and high caliber talent. However, catering only to startups is not always effective because it is scaleups that drive economic growth.

To take advantage of the opportunities presented by the startup revolution, cities need to identify both start-ups and scale-ups and make it as easy as possible for them to succeed. Ideally, the cities would provide all the necessary support when starting out including low-cost housing, education for the kids, and a safe community environment. As the companies grow  , the cities can continue to provide support by keeping regulations and tax rates low.

But is this what a startup really needs?

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Startups are like children. They need care and attention if they are to grow into successful businesses. 

Every business has gaps and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. But it’s sometimes not easy or affordable to access the expertise to find and address them.

International expansion

Partnering with you and going through investment structures, regulatory compliances, jurisdictional analysis, business model reviews, funding mechanisms, transfer pricing policies and other requirements.

Equity Fundraising

AC Business can help you boost your fundraising by utilising our network and team of experts to make the process efficient and possible with potential investors.

Legal & Tax

AC Business utilizes an inhouse legal firm with experts ready to provide legal advice on any intellectual property (IP rights), contract negotiation, company documents corporate issues, legal issues and data even cyber protection.

Avoid the pitfalls with jurisdictional rules, identify proper tax treatments for your business model and let’s evaluate the risk in the area you operate.

Fast Scaling

Scaling a business is not about how many clients you can bring on board at the start, but how quickly you can grow your team and still keep customers happy, retain clients and grow portfolio. 

Focusing on bringing customers along slowly instead of planning for rapid growth is not beneficial. 

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