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Cash rebate for investing in the Greek Audiovisual Productions

There is a strong financial incentive for Greek and foreign investors to choose Greece for the production of their audiovisual works.

 Investors can get a tax deduction of up to 50% of the expenses incurred for the production of audiovisual works in Greece. The deduction is available for both Greek and foreign investors, whether individuals or companies. The incentive is applicable to films, TV series, documentaries and animated films as well as digital games.
Productions must be certified by the Hellenic  Film Commision.

If you’re looking for a European filming location with a generous financial incentive, Greece is the place to be.


Greece is a perfect destination for an audiovisual production project with generous investment incentives: for film facilities, studio infrastructure and AV generation and production via Greece’s investment law, competitive money rebate, tax relief scheme, the forthcoming European Structural Funds & the Greek Development Bank efficient licensing procedure: 15 (fifteen) Film Offices placed in 30 (thirteen) Greek Regions designed with the experience of the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) professional related experts business specialists and state of the art facilities: extremely qualified film professionals and industry experts (HFC, EKOME) have the expertise and provide guide and ongoing support.

Costs that are covered include:

  1. intellectual property rights expenses such as script, music investment and any other relevant form 
  2. wage costs 
  3. Expenses for any kind of provision of services directly related to the production of audiovisual project, such as accommodation and food, transportation, equipment rental, studio, editing-mixing and after production services
  4. material supply, design, production and testing of digital game software
  5. and the agreed producer fee.

The only cost that is not covered is the investment itself, but with a 50% rebate, this is still a very affordable option.

The Hellenic Audio Visual Center (HAVC) announces the availability of up to 50% investment incentives in audio visual productions in Greece. The benefits are available to both Greek and international producers, who must sign a contract with a company established or with a branch in Greece.

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