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European Co-Financed Programmes Management​

In the current programming period 2021-2027, the European Union will continue to finance innovative ideas and projects through different programmes.
The scope and structure of the European funds and direct subsidies allow the European Union to continue to offer a wide range of funding opportunities in Member States.

Although the European co-funded programmes offer a great opportunity for companies to carry out innovative actions and improve their competitiveness, the process of managing these programmes is complex and can be difficult to navigate and understand.

We have managed to establish great collaborations with our associates and a circle of specialized partners with experience and expertise for supporting the long lasting and smooth execution of all the necessary procedures regarding the European-financed programs and procedures.

Therefore, AC Business Path offers a wide range of services for either for public or private section as follows:

All Services


European Co-funded project

Setting up a European co-funded project as well as developing and implementing researched strategies innovation.


Data Collection

A-Z Information gathering of all necessary data from clients in accordance with the requirements of the program.


Strict Monitoring

Monitoring, studying, evaluation and reporting where possible.



Establishing appropriate partnerships and achieve a level of trust.


Policies Reporting

European research funding policies with analytical reporting where possible.


Budget Management

Review, compiling and management of the budget in order to implement as expected the European co-funded program. 


Analysis of Market

Analysis of the market targeted by the investment proposal, emphasizing the innovation authenticity and validity of the value that will bring to the the market.


Service Carriers

Discovering and Communicating with the relevant suitable service carriers.


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